Scottish Men's Stone Wash Handmade Blue Denim Utility Kilt for men

£49.99 £99.99
Achieve a more casual look for day-to-day kilt wearing with the Stonewash Blue Denim Kilt. - The Stonewash Blue Denim Kilt features a classic denim look complete with iconic stitching and a stonewashed color gradient. - There are pleats on the side that help enhance the look. Be sure that you love everything about your made-to-measure kilt by customizing it to your liking. - You can send in your Kilt waist size with 24 inch length, to ensure the perfect fit. Measurement Guide: Please note your pants/trouser size is different than your KILT SIZE. Measure around your Belly Button and not as you do for pants or trousers. A Correct Size Chosen will get you a Correct Build Kilt.

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