Scottish Men's Highland Crawford tartan Kilt Outfit

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Men's Traditional Scottish highland kilts 08 Yard 16 oz.
Kilt Size ( 30 to 54 inches )
Wool highland kilts 8 Yards 16oz.
The Kilt's Inner lining protects quality and ensures comfort.
Machine Washable Kilts.
The Kilts has a Pleated back and is Flat across the front.
Three adjustable Leather straps allowing 2 Inches of Adjustment.
Kilts length 24" for all the sizes.
Cotton lining  provides extra comfort.
Highland Kilt Crawford Tartan Outfit Scottish Thistle

Package Includes (10-Pieces)
Kilt 8 Yards 16oz
Black Leather Celtic Seal skin Sporran with Chain & Belt.
Black Genuine Leather Kilt Belt 
Scottish Kilt Fly Plaid Brooch Antique Finish.3''
Scottish Kilt Belt Buckle Antique Brass Finish
Scottish kilt Pin 4''
Kilt Fly Plaid
Kilt hose Flashes
Kilt hose Socks
Jacobite Ghillie Shirt (White)

Size Guide


Measure Around the 'Waist': The simple, but little known technique is to measure 1-2 inches ABOVE THE NAVEL.

Order smaller: If you're 36.5 inches around your waist, order a 36. If you're 35.5" exactly, order a size 34. As kilts sit at your belly, your belly has a tendency towards elasticity and you're best ordering a tighter fit than a looser one.

Not the same size as your trousers: The kilt is meant to trim your middle and enhance your shape by cinching your midsection. Often, your waist will be larger or smaller than your trousers.


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