Olive Green Utility Men's Kilt with Nylon Straps Fastening fashion kilt

£49.99 £89.99

This beautifully designed kilt is a great asset for both casual and formal wear. With a simple olive green colour scheme, this kilt is perfect for the outdoors and works well for formal get-together as well. A big Y-shaped strap design on the front apron makes this otherwise plain kilt stand out. It has large detachable pockets on both sides which are connected with chain links.

Modern styling
Double side pockets for functionality
High-quality cotton used
Available in different sizes


Measurement Guide:

Please note your pants/trouser size is different than your KILT SIZE. Measure around your Belly Button and not as you does for pants or trousers. The PERFECT SIZED KILT will get delivered to you only when you PROVIDE US ACCURATE SIZING.

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