Men's Scottish Highland Fashion Kilt Black Utility Kilts For Men

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Men's Scottish Highland Fashion Kilt Black Utility Kilts For Men 

Utility Kilt still the strong choice of modern kilt lovers in 2020. This utility kilt for men is our standard kilt with side cargo pockets. It has good sized cargo pockets that will fit the common items a guy wants to carry these days. This comfortable utility kilts for sale keeps the working guys active during the hard work because of its strong structure and best chosen the soft and durable fabric. This mens utility kilt has the bigger side cargo pockets that allow you to hold more than just the basics. Even if you fill these two side pockets, there are two back pockets for extra storage and easy access. The front apron of this kilt gives it a very unique look that will turn heads no matter where you are. Still made from a highly durable poly-cotton blend material that can handle just about any situation you might find yourself in.


Material: 100% Cotton

Fabric: Drill Jeans

Style: Utility

Type: Scottish/Highland/Sports

Side Pockets: Flapped with Buttons

Back Pocket: Flapped with Buttons

Straps: Same Fabric

Hardware: Select Any Option

Adjustability: 2" Downwards 

Size: Made to Order

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