Men's Premium Khaki Utility Sports Kilt For Men-Stylish Utility Kilt For Men

£49.99 £89.99

This trendy kilt sports a beautiful light khaki shade with golden highlights all over. The contrast makes it perfect for a good occasion and the utility aspect of it makes it highly user-friendly as well. The front apron is styled beautifully with golden buttons and all the metallic elements on the kilt are gold. The pockets are detachable with golden chain links and the back has a full pleated design. A must try Kilt.

Smooth front apron studded with gold buttons
Large deep cargo pockets on the side
Dual chain in links on sides with pocket
Available in different sizes


Measurement Guide:

Please note your pants/trouser size is different than your KILT SIZE. Measure around your Belly Button and not as you does for pants or trousers. The PERFECT SIZED KILT will get delivered to you only when you PROVIDE US ACCURATE SIZING.

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