Men's Blue real Leather Pants 501 Jeans Rider Biker Men Trouser

£70 £100

Mens Blue real Leather Pants 501 Jeans Rider Biker Men Trouser

PRODUCT FEATURES LETS TAKE CLOTHING TO ANOTHER LEVEL !!! UNIQUENESS THAT ANYONE CAN EVEN IMAGINE !!! Introducing you the "501 Style Jeans" Pant for Men in PURE LEATHER This premium Men's pant is made with quality, comfort & value in mind. People love the super comfy Leather composition. Key Features: This pant features a sturdy zipper with reinforced waistband, a button closure & belt loops for extra belt support. It provides you peace of mind of carrying your important stuff with you with Four 501 Jeans-Style pockets. This Leather pant is designed to fit your proportions without pinching or constricting. The leather construction is breathable & durable. Handle any terrain in total comfort in our premium pant. Its Polyester lining makes you feel more comfortable. Consistent double stitch throughout the pant which sets us apart from other sellers. Note: This Pant is made on Accurate Waist Size (NOT ON REGIONAL JEANS SIZE / US JEANS SIZE) which should be your belly button measurements. We advise you to measure your waist using an inches measuring tape.

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